Internal Assessment


Telecom Enterprise & Business Markets

If similitude exist between the scope of "Diligence" and   "Internal Assessment" offerings, the goal of the Internal Assessment is usually focused on:

-  Risk evaluation

-  Cost reduction

-  Efficiency

Because of their experience in managing major telecom divisions and groups as well as smaller teams, our teams are well aware of the 'cultural' difficulty of completing this kind of task. 

Our offering covers a full range of deliveries from a global overview to a detailed analysis requiring measurement such as coverage, traffic routing, quality, etc. Our offering described in Cost Saving and Automate sections is a natural follow -up of internal assessment.

The following list provides a global overview of topics that can be covered:

-  Technology

-  Technology trend and

-  Technology cost (Capex, Opex)

-  Network legacy

-  Network vulnerability

-  Network topology and architecture, capacity to match existing demand and potential for future needs

-  Network Quality

-  O&M capabilities (NOC, maintenance 1st and 2nd level)

-  Existing KPI, SLA and legal commitments

Our study can cover other angles more oriented on the existing resource such as:

-  Knowledge

-  Productivity

-  Organization

-  Company culture

-  Capacity to solve issues

- Best practice analysis

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