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Every aspect of the business requires planning. No planning means quite often No Direction.

Business Planning requires a lot of time for definition and update and requires as well a strong knowledge of company organizations and corporate culture to make the plans efficient.  Teamwork is certainly the most critical factor in the success of a good business plan. 

Executive Management: Executives business planning results fuel the whole company. Mistakes, misunderstandings, misguidance have a direct impact on the Company performances. Business planning is based on knowledge and analysis:

-  Capturing the right information (and not data): Executives rely quite often on middle management for that and they can be mis-leaded. XTel can provide an independent way to capture the required information (internal data collection, knowledge on technology rapid evolution, new competition offering, etc)

-      If the final decision is always done by the executive management, XTel can help by gathering the right experts in the domain and providing creative brainstorm and analysis helping the executives to reach his goal.

Middle Management: Middle management is always involved in all the steps of the Company business planning. For lack of time or lack of appropriate expertise, Middle management need sometimes assistance. Another aspect XTel is involved with helping managers to draft implementation plans (resource plan, budget, rollout, etc).


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Business Planning Elaboration and Review:  XTel doesn't write business plan. Several companies are specialized in this field and dedicated software can be found easily. XTel is more focused on the content of the business planning by itself.  Based on blended experience between Technology and Business, our team can help with new business concept, review and 'criticize' existing one. We can assist you in the implementation of Business Plans, Marketing Plans and all other Strategic Plans and monitor the progress.

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