Telecom & Enterprise Markets 

The objective of benchmarking is to provide an effective tool for improving the competitiveness of our Clients. It seeks to promote better implementation of measures in key areas of the business environment and in critical functions within the business. 

Our benchmarking are focused on Telecom network. 

Best Practice Benchmarking: A wide window of delivery can be provided with this task ranging from a global overview to a very detailed benchmarking including data collection from the field (technical data or customer survey). XTel Consulting outsource data collection (can be provided by Client as well) and focus more on the following activities:

-    Methodology Definition: What to collect, where and when. Processes definition and validation with Client.

-    Technical Data Analysis: Translate detailed technical parameters into more global indicators allowing management to have a global view of their network such as footprint, quality. This step allow us to compare different network technology such as CDMA vs. TDMA. 

-    Customer Analysis: CRM database analysis and correlation with technical data base, impact on churn and customer satisfaction.

-    Business Analysis: As much as data are available, compare financial cost for network deployment and operation. Financial survey can be carried with vendors as well.

-    Global presentation to executives and boards: Summary reports and recommendations

Benchmarking Scoreboard: We define a scoreboard composed from 20 to 30 indicators. For each of this indicators, the following parameters are clearly specified:

-    Indicator definition: why to collect this indicator, frequency of collection, permanent or temporarily indicator, etc.

-    Collection methodology: process, players are identified

-    Objectives: threshold definition

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