Each scenario developed by TOMTMRadio can be sent via email (zip file) directly from TOM. Any other TOM’s user having installed the same GIS data base (project creation) will be able to add easily a sent scenario to his project.

All data required by the scenario are fully included in the file. As an example if a new antenna has been used by the scenario, all data

related to this antenna such as patterns will be included in the scenario file.

A colleague can have access to the same scenario including all the input, the tuning parameters and the output allowing displaying and analyzing the results in a matter of seconds.

As an analogy, TOMTMViewer corresponds to Adobe Acrobat TM reader allowing visualizing the results calculated by another tool.

TOMTMViewer regroups all the display, reporting and analyses functions of TOMTMRadio but doesn’t include any calculation module as well as any possibility to modify the data.


It is the perfect tool for management to see and analyze very quickly the results of a scenario without the complexity related to master planning process.