Strategic Master Plan


What is a Network Strategic Master Plan ?


Before getting into the design and deployment phases for a wireless network, a strategic network master plan has to be developed.

This Strategic Master Plan corresponds to:

-      A pre-study of the existing network, such as coverage, sites, traffic and quality

-      A definition of the targets / requirements such new demand, new coverage or traffic increase, new services introduction in particular for data, new technology, etc…

-      The input of all the financial related to the plan such ARPU, Capex and Opex  but also basic accounting rules such as amortization, loan rates, etc

-      An adaptation of business and engineering rules allowing simulating the technical answers to new needs including the introduction of new technology, a quality improvement, etc…

-      A phase enabling the calculation and the sorting of many possible scenarios showing how the target can be reached and at what cost.

-      An analysis allowing the user to decide what scenario makes sense in particular by comparing the revenue generated by this scenario to the cost associated.


The Master Plan globally allows the decision maker to decide what will be the most appropriate scenario satisfying operator’s goals for his budget constraints and to provide technical detailed objectives that will be used for the design and deployment phases. Nevertheless, the proposed scenario must be accurate by using the same techniques that design tools will use for the following phases.

To be efficient, a master planning tool MUST be automatic and allow the production of accurate scenario very rapidly and without the involvement of large team.


Integrated Interactive Planning Process


As existing networks are developing, engineers have access to a tremendous quantity of data, each of them being more and more correlated to the others, making very difficult the analysis and decision process.  Also as technology is getting more and more complex, making the right choice is getting very difficult. 

A good example of this increasing complexity of taking the right decision appears every year during the budget process or each time a new special program needs to be developed such as the introduction of a new technology or equipment.

The ‘right’ decision is the result of an integrated iterative planning process as described in the attached drawing, involving different departments: Marketing, Financial and Technical.

The production of a Strategic Master Plan or a Special Program is the result of several scenarios comparison. Each scenario is based on analytical analysis and the computation of a financial / technical solution answering a new requirement.


Calculating this scenario and making the right decision cannot be done without the introduction of a global customized tool.


Excel sheets are not enough precise and RF design tools are too detailed for taking decisions. TOMTM is the right balanced solution combining the fast analysis and the required accurate results with the advantage of getting graphical outputs.