TOM Suite Engine


Today, creating strategic planning requires engineering tools, excel and GIS tool such as MapInfo. TOM  is one stop solution allowing creating strategic master plans.


XTel Consulting’s expertise in combining technology and business was a key factor to find the right balance between accuracy and speed.


TOM efficiency is the result of this balance and has been achieved by the proprietary development of proprietary algorithms including an ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) and AND (Automatic Network Dimensioning).   The engine is integrated inside a natural work-flow providing the user with simplicity and speed leading to the production of a scenario as described in the following graph. 


We would like to emphasize some key points:

-      Engineering and business rules management is simplified by a complete friendly GUI

-      Modeling of the business and engineering rules are a key factor to provide accurate results

-      TOM allows importing existing networks configuration.

-      Working requirements are easy to manipulate and to change allowing a seamless creation of new scenario

-      Finally, the algorithms allow to deal with the speed as well as accuracy of the results.