TOMTM Suite  Approach


TOMTM Suite is the right platform for Strategic Master Plans


TOM has been designed and developed in order to assist:

-      Investors: Deciding to invest into a mobile radio network, preparing a bid, supervising the technical choices, and making technical, marketing and financial comparisons when considering different deployment choices

-      Vendor & Infrastructure Providers: Creating business plans, showing in real time the technical / economical advantages of a solution, creating budgetary offers, answering RFQs and comparing their solution to their competitors’ technology

-      Wireless operators: Creating business plans,  Network design and expansion (choice of the best scenario based on economical analysis), introduction of new technology, validating the profitability of the implementation of a new service, comparing offers from different vendors, deciding or not to implement a new technology.

-      Holding Companies: Validating annual budget and programs, consolidating several subsidiaries budgets.


TOM TM answers the following goals:

-      Get the best estimation of investments

-      Get optimum coordination between Marketing, Technical and financial departments

-      Provide an offer in concordance with the marketing demand within the respect of engineering rules and business rules imposed

-      Provide the relevant technical documents

-      Manage the network evolution

-      Make time and investment saving

-      Clarify the decision level from the implementation level and focus on strategic decisions.

-      More particularly, TOM helps in re-dimensioning the network during its life cycle. TOM allows making coverage expansion plan or capacity enhancement plan. Importing the existing network, TOM TM allows the re-dimensioning on the basis of new traffic and new service forecast.

-      Etc…



Global consolidation


By producing a strategic master plan that can blend marketing, finance and technical requirements, TOMTM Suite can easily lead the decision makers towards the right direction.  TOM’s algorithms and simulations associated with its flow controller enable a short decision process. It permits executives to easily create and analyze scenarios avoiding long delays caused by detailed technical analysis produced by design tools.