TOMTMRadio performances are unique and allow achieving activities in minutes and hours where an engineer will traditionally spend hours and days thanks to its proprietary algorithms.


But one of the most interesting performances is coming directly from the results in number of sites TOMTMRadio will propose to cover a market. All the benchmarking tests performed up to today show a number of sites reduced by 10% to 15% due to the XTel proprietary algorithms in particular for best positinoning and dimensioning. This is a real breakthrough and will place any TOM user in a unique position.

Benefits using TOMTMRadio are obvious and are directly related to the performances described in the previous paragraph:


-    Less resource allocated to planning and optimization activities allows to deploy these resource to more valuable activities

-    Faster answer: The modules allow to find solutions in minutes compared to days if done manually. This time saving is critical at any stage of the planning activities. Included communication functions allow remote global visibility and quick validation and decision process.

-      Cheaper solution by minimizing the number of sites required: Providing solution with less sites for the same need has a direct impact of the operator’s network global cost. Algorithms allow to choose existing collocation sites if they make sense for the objectives provided.