Customer Support Resource Center


Our Customers Support Resource Center proactively supports our clients with customized information and technical guidance that enables them to operate at their maximum level of productivity.


We can provide support for the following activates:

·  System Installation, Integration and On-Site Support

·  Training Program and Workshop

·  Software Support

·  User Feedback

·  Database Services : Terrain data, demographic data, morphology, land use and geographic data, 3D building data


Send your questions to the TOM Support Group at Techinal Support

Please state your problem in a concise manner and provide a brief description of your hardware, operating system, and current versions. Be sure to provide your License ID Number in the body of your message.


Phone Support

Please call 1-301-529-6228 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM (Eastern) Monday to Friday; have your License ID Number available for identification purposes. Alternative, you may also fax your request in to +1-815-642-9066.