XTel is introducing TOM Predict TM, its packaged propagation solution for the wireless industry.

TOM Predict TM benefits from the newest propagation techniques and from the  expertise reached on over 40 wireless projects throughout the world to provide a highly accurate, multiple environment propagation model.

-      TOM Predict TM is an “all in one” propagation model designed to tackle simultaneously macro-cells, mini-cells, micro cells, and point to point (for WLL and WiMAX design) configurations.

-      TOM Predict TM can handle any kind of geographic database, with a particular care in handling database mixing, transitions management and getting the most from your existing database to preserve investments.

-      TOM Predict TM is pre-optimised over a multitude of terrain configurations and is thus operational for initial design even when no measurements are available.

-      TOM Predict TM is your prediction model for any radio system with operational frequencies ranging from 30 MHz to 3 GHz.

-      TOM Predict TM is presently interfaced with PlaNet, Parcell and ATOLL


TOM Predict TM is dedicated to:


- Vendors and New Operators undertaking studies over a new market or over several markets with budgetary or time limitations. Here the “from scratch ” accuracy of TOM Predict TM will help saving extensive measurements and precious time while ensuring excellent RF planning quality.

- Mature operators facing multiple layers network planning situations (macro/mini/micro cells). TOM Predict TM is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to wide spread situations where engineers use a specific model and a specific database for every configuration leading to inhomogeneous transition areas.

- PMR operators facing specific propagation conditions. TOM Predict TM works together with a database enhancer which allows manual input of geographic information. As an example, TOM Predict TM makes it possible to take into account embankments and digs while planning along the railways without investing in a new special database

- RF tools providers: Presenting TOM Predict TM as a module of your tool is having benefits of the high level propagation expertise and R&D, and of the field proven experience RF planning team. As the end users become more demanding on the global performance of an RF tool, TOM Predict TM on your side is clearly a differentiating asset to your offer.