Key Features


-      TOM Predict TM is a semi-deterministic propagation model that calculates the electric field attenuation for macro, mini and micro cellular configurations.

-      The frequency range of the model spans from 30 MHz to 3 GHz.

-      This model is particularly fitted for operational use, since any geographical database binsize is accepted, from a very precise deterministic database for a dense urban environment, to a 400m statistical database (land use) for macro cells coverage.

-      Default clutter heights can be used to enhance the efficiency of the model on areas where the clutter database used is not fully detailed. The model can also deal with two different clutter databases with different binsizes: TOM Predict TM chooses the best mixed working configuration, reaching a good compromise between computation time and accuracy. Moreover, when your working zone straddles the two databases, the pathloss is calculated without discontinuity, and database use is hence maximized, whatever the size and the shape of the databases you used.

-      The core of the model, as far as pathloss determination is concerned, considers deterministic physical phenomena such as: diffraction on the Earth’s surface, propagation through the atmosphere, effect of Earth curvature, diffraction on hills and mountains, multiple scattering on buildings in an urban environment, impact of terminal receiving antenna (WLL configurations), UTD based computations (microcell)

-      Morphology is taken into account by deterministic parameters (diffraction, etc..) but also by statistical parameters: some important phenomena, that cannot be fully described by theoretical expressions are determined through a smart statistical evaluation of the environment (effect of trees, water, horizon effects, ...). For that purpose, over 700,000 measurements (more then 5000 km) from all over the world have been used, so as to entail the best characterization possible of a full range of environments.

-      TOM Predict TM is a propagation model designed to fit to any operational configuration.

-      TOM Predict TM is a calibrable (tunable) model, which means that its physical behavior can be modified to entail better performances on specific environments: with the help of some measurements, some coefficients of the model can be retuned to ensure a close fit between measurement and predictions.

-      TOM Predict TM consists in two modules: one for macro & mini-cells and WLL, and a specific module for microcellular computations.