Key Features


Project and Scenario Management

-      Open / Save / Delete a Project including as many scenario as needed

-      Open / Save / Delete a scenario.

-      Manage the rollout of several scenario to a target network (allowing a progressive topology and dimensioning of the network)

-      Objects Management and Topology

-      TOM manages the different types of Nodes required for each technology (such as BSS, MSC, HLR for the GSM technology)

-      Defaut objects can be created including in particular the diemnsioning rules

-      Allows the import  from TOMTMRadio to deal with the traffic requirement

-      Allows the management of the hierachy between the different for each technology (automatic and manual)

-      Allows the creation on “Administrative area” permiiting the grouping of several objects togeteher to respect a technology hierachy (such as BSS and NSS areas for the GSM)


-      Diemnsioning of logical interfaces

-      Diemensioning of Nodes requirements

Reports and Cost Management

-      Provides several reports (technical and dimensioning)

-      Cost calculation