Network Optimization



Telecom Market

Network Optimization scope is quite similar with Network Design. The two major differences XTel will includes in his study will be:

Data Collection and Analysis: Existing networks provide a lot of data related to footprint, availability and quality. XTel will process these data. data correlation will done done if required. 

Legacy Network:  During the optimization process and the implementation plan definition, existing network constraints will have to be integrated such as topology, existing equipment type, etc

Our experts will work on all existing technologies

Wireless Networks: Our experts are able to work on all the major technologies 2G (GSM,, CDMA, TDMA, ESMR), 2.5G (GPRS, 1XRTT), 3G (WCDMA, EDGE, CDMA2000) ,4G (802.xx, OFDM) and Satellite (GEO, MEO, LEO)

Fixed Networks: Circuits and packet technologies, 3G IP, physical layers design (FO, microwave), interoperability (Optical Multi Service Nodes).

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