Services Offer


Our Services offer has been built around four fundamentals: Trust, Innovation, Cost Saving and Automation. These fundamentals are usually more related to business than technology and represent our guideline for all our projects. 

Our teams are led by seasoned experts who have been involved in executive management of major groups and divisions for public and private companies. Their capabilities to build a "bridge" between the financial and the technical worlds represent a key differential to our analysis and studies.

It is quite impossible to describe an exhaustive offering XTel can provide. Nevertheless, examples of services are provided under each of this fundamental.

Software Offer

Our Software are the last generation of Strategic Master Planning Tools loaded with a unique combination of business and technology. Our products are grouped aroud a familly called TOMTMSuite including the following sotware:

·        TOMTMRadio

·        TOMTMArchi

·        TOMTMCost

·        TOMTMViewer


Our family of Products allows the decision makers to decide what will be the most appropriate scenario satisfying operator’s goals for his budget constraints and to provide technical detailed objectives that will be used for the design and deployment phases. Nevertheless, the proposed scenario will be accurate by using the same techniques that design tools will use for the following phases.