About Us


The telecommunications industry has undergone tremendous transformation over the past 20 years: deregulation, the increased demands of a "networked economy", the "all" wireless, the emergence of innovative services and business models that fueled competition, and, more recently, the industry downturn.

Currently, the telecommunications industry is facing two major challenges:

-Increase a profitable growth by focusing on their core business: Operators are slashing capital expenditures and reducing operational costs. They are trying  at the same to reduce their debt by restructuring their capital or selling some properties.

- Lay the foundation for the next generation of networks and services: At the same time, operators are trying to maintain their ability to successfully compete and for that they need to invest in new technologies and services, such as 3G, broadband, applications, content delivery, and hosting. This task is complicated by the lake of trust from the investors and a "moving" technology.


XTel Consulting is born in 2003 to answer these two "contradictory" challenges. Our approach is based on Aligning Technology To Business Needs.  Our Technical / business background allow our clients to streamline cost and efficiency, reduce revenue leakage and help managers with their strategic decisions.

XTel is a privately owned company with headquarters in Washington DC, USA.