Cost Analysis



Telecom & Enterprise Markets

Cost analysis is certainly one of the critical activity providers and users of telecommunications services have to perform on a regular basis. The complexity of this activity is principally due to the correlation and the interdependency of all the internal and external parameters to analyze: the cost drivers.

Services Cost Saving

Because of the natural blend between Technology and Business, XTel expertise is unique to understand and track the real drivers behind all cost and capture them at the product, process and supplier level.

Usage of the cost analysis results can be multiple but can be grouped around the following categories:

·  Network Design: Improve the way engineers are designing and optimizing networks. Brest practice and optimal choice solution are a part of this offering as well.

·   Network Element Costing: Identify clearly the cost related to specific network element and propose solutions to increase profitability. Two examples are provided in this web:, one relative to Core Network Saving Initiative and one related to Spectrum Management.

·  Services Costing: Analyze the exact cost related to services (or specific customers). This allows as well to simulate and predict what will be the cost associated with new services definition or new market segment to chase.

XTel Cost Analysis offering is always articulated around the 3 following phases:

·  Measure: Collect data, define the dependencies and real parameters to monitor, validate the cost drivers

·  Build the models: (two types of model), Monitoring cost model: data tracking and scoreboards. Forecast cost model: related to prediction and future simulation

·  Optimize Cost

·  Propose solution to reduce cost and increase profitability

Whether you are looking to operate in the most cost and quality effective manner in servicing a customer, fulfilling a contractual obligation or rationalizing product mix, XTel Consulting will work from the bottom up to provide more accurate, actionable and widely accessible data and models that you can act on to reduce cost and increase efficiency.