Efficiency Improvment



Telecom & Enterprise Markets

If the answer to “Why” improving efficiency seems obvious, the “How” raises more challenges. For years, based on rapid growth and “start-up’ organization, managers were more focused on delivery “in time”. More recently, Telecom companies were tasked to return to profitability and managers started to improve their own organization. Efficiency, Cost Saving, Quality Improvement are now a part of their daily duty.

But one new dimension makes this "new" activity very complex to solve: The Problems Globalization.

The needs of flexibility and providing immediate answers to demanding customers drove recently managers to implement sophisticated company organization, trying to find a delicate balance between Functional, Geographical and Operational organizations.  As a result real communication and coordination between different groups are more and more difficult even if new tools like Intranet are widely used. 

Another aspect of globalization is due to the fact that most of problem concerning cost saving and efficiency improvement can’t be limited to only one group in the Company. Interdependencies between groups are dictated by the cost and efficiency drivers.

XTel approach includes:

-  The concept of Global organization of the Enterprise,

-  The concept of proactivity instead of reactivity

-  The concept of flexibility

Because of our knowledge in depth of Telecom operators, we are able to have a global view on multi-organizational problems, find the real causes across the company and propose smooth and personalized solutions.

XTel is using intensively TQM (Total Quality Management) and BPR (Business Process Reengineering) methodologies to perform this activity.

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